Captain Jake's Has Left the ISP!

For many reasons, Captain Jake's Big Blow is leaving FlashNet, our Internet Service Provider since 1994.

We joined FlashNet right when they started up, and stuck with them through tremendous growth and many problems they experienced as a result. We feel that FlashNet no longer can or is no longer willing to meet our needs, and charges far more than other options we have found. For example, FlashNet is charging us 16.95 for one dialup account, one email address and 2 megs of webspace. Our monthly bill from Everyone's Internet? 10 dollars, for one dialup account, unlimited email accounts, and 300 megs of webspace. UPDATE! FlashNet blew away this page sometime around 12/19/00, possibly by mistake or mismanagement. It's been put back up until I hear from FlashNet. It's very rude to delete someone's webpage without explanation or contact of some kind. UPDATE 2! On December 24th, FlashNet blew away the page again, removed the webspace, and disabled my FTP access. I sent them my "goodbye letter", and the webpage was put back up. Be sure to read the letter, and the jaw-dropping responses I received from FlashNet. The letter page also contains my phone calls to FlashNet trying for any sort of information from these folks. It's astounding, and should be used in any class on customer service as an example of how NOT to do so.

We are now to be found at .

Why are Jake and his crew giving up on FlashNet? Here are just a few of the reasons. If you like, you can go right to the Support Problems Page.

Captain Jake's recommends Everyone's Internet, where Internet service is just 10 bucks a month! Web hosting for businesses like our is also only 10 bucks a month!

Updated 12-28-00

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