Beautiful Beetles!

One of my favorites from this show. Beautiful 1957 oval... I'm still kicking myself for not taking more pictures of this one.

A groovy blue and beige ragtop, apparently owned by a fireman. Love the way the sides match the sliding top. Very classy!

Lovely Standard Beetle with a roofrack and matching luggage. Nice detail work on this one. Note the little plugs for the jack holes.

A gorgeous 1967. Great display, for some reason centered around Coca-Cola. But the bug is gorgeous!

Same Bug, other side. Nice stone guards.

And her lovely backside.

Dig the paint on this one. Absolutely unbelievable! That's a million dollar paintjob...

See what I mean? And this Bug is for sale, too.

An immaculate early convertible. Love the rear decklid. Absolutely pristine!

Ah, the Evil One. This one is still under construction, but what a great start! I'm hoping the owner repaints with flat black, cleans up and tucks the front bodywork. Mmmm, sweet!

The other side of the Evil One.

And, of course, the obligatory Herbie Beetle. Marvelous job!

And this beautifully restored covertible belongs to Nat, it would seem.

Now normally I'm not fond of Baja Bugs, just because I feel it takes one more Beetle out of the limited pool of Beetles available for stock restoration. But damn, this is a really fine Baja! If you're going to do it, do it right! Like this one.

Oh. My. God. If there ever was a convertible Beetle to die for, this is the one. SO clean, SO perfect.Better than showroom new, in my opinion. And with a rare tool-kit up front. *sigh*

The back seat of the same red and white convertible.

And the flawless interior. *sigh*

I used to see a lot more of this kit nose around. Pretty nicely done.

Then there was the Senor Pepe bug, complete with underhood puppies, a rare late sixties option.

A better look at those options.

If there really was an afterlife, I would be presented with this Bug upon entry. The one odd thing for me was that it seemed (especially the interior) to be such a perfect 100 point stock restoration. But then it had the big standoff hinges of the decklid. To each their own, I imagine. And check out the interior in the shot below....this Bug is special for another reason.

A right hand drive with a Banjo-style steering wheel. This interior was perfect, without a blemish. I could die a happy man in this Beetle.

Then there was Walter. Another absolutely perfect restoration. Sliding sunroof, all the options, and the best option, considering that we all live in Texas, AIR CONDITIONING!!Walter is a Bug that will bring tears to your eyes. Not a flaw to be seen. Walter's companion was there also, but the operator of the camera became very involved in conversation with Paula Shick-Heath, the wife of the owner and the owner of Walter's companion. Paula's a lovely gal who was friendly as can be. Really personified what a VW show is all about.

And here's Walter's vitals. If I recall what I was told, Earl Mann of Oklahoma is responsible for the restoration of Walter, and installation of the trick AC unit, which you will see in following photos. I'm telling you, this resto was perfect. The paint was about a million layers deep.

Walter's motor. 1600 single port, with an alternator upgrade and the most beautiful thing of all, an air compressor on the left side for the air conditioning.

Another picture of Walter's motor. I love the look of this engine compartment. Clean, but working clean. I would not be afraid to drive this car.

And here is Walter's interior, note the A/C unit across the bottom of the dash.

The final picture of the day, taken by Captain Jake, through the window of the big bad van, of a great looking late convertible.