Things, Busses, and other VWs!

A nicely restored 1973 Thing with a bikini top.

A very sweet interior with seats upholstered to match the paint. Very nice!

What a great looking engine compartment. Very clean, nicely organized. And over to the left, you'll see a light and switch. What a brilliant idea! A person sees so many good ideas at these shows....

A different Thing. This is a 1974 Thing with a custom yellow and black paintjob. Very clean restoration.

The amazing display by my ThingBud Kent. Kent's Thing is not only beautiful, but the display he sets up at the show is very much worth checking out!

Ok, technically this is a Beetle. But it has wheelie bars, and this waaaay wicked motor. This appears to be a DragBug.

Nice old Split Window bus in progress, right? Maybe a nice stock restoration? WRONG! Have a look at the picture below...

That's no VW mill I've ever seen....

An ultra-cool Meyer's Manx dunebuggy! WooHOO!

The very clean New Beetle of David Allen, President of the North Texas VW Club and organizer of the BugSwarm, among many other VW events, such as the R2K Roswell New Beetle gathering.