A black & white 1956 Deluxe Sedan. Looked like a flawless restoration, though it has been lowered.

Blue with a very nice sliding canvas roof and wide whitewalls, a very classic look.

Interior shot of the same car.

A different take on customizing. Ford teardrop lights, and customizing trends from first seen in Hispanic customized cars: the clown tires and velvet interior.

The heavily customized interior of the above Beetle, with billet aluminium dash inserts, yards of purple velvet and a center console.

A very nifty and extremely clean customization job. There were no marks where one could tell where the original Bug left off and the custom work began. Flawless.

I'm not sure why the Mack dogs are on the engine cover, but it's a beauty for sure.

Oddly enough, there was another car show nearby where I snapped this photo of the model that ispired the previous Beetle. Talk about luck....

This beautiful restoration was built and is owned by Doug Crotts, owner of Qualitat VW. The color is Ford Toreador Red. Dig the matching headliner.

The interior of Doug's convertible. Note the seat material and clean look of the dash, even with the added gauges.

A great restoration from any angle. Speaking of Doug's work, he'll soon be changing out the clutch in my 1974 Thing. He comes very highly recommended and is well respected in the DFW Volkswagen community.

Some of the more traditional hotrodding customization tricks, including a wicked choptop and lovely flamed paintjob. Not to mention a pretty prominent sound system.

Beautiful stock restoration with a sliding white canvas roof, woodslat roofrack and period luggage. And a nifty North Texas VW Club sign on the side.

Now HERE is a color one doesn't see every day.

The same beautiful red Baja from last year's show, with some additional bits added since last year like the skidplate, KC highlighters, horn and lightguards.

Not all restorations have to be fancy. This one was plain and pretty, with the odd name of the "Inside-out Cow".

Ok, what's different about this Beetle? Find the steering wheel.

This might explain it.

Same red & white convertible from last year, with the picnic stuff set up. This is one of the cleanest Bugs I've ever seen.

Ok, not all of the Bugs at the show were completely restored. Do note that this owner has gone along with the Japanese customizer trend of the special exhaust tip, which adds 50 horsepower, I think.

Ah, now this one really caught my eye. It's SO smooth, so tidy. Note the modern turn signals in the front fenders and filled bumper holes. Beautiful!

Texas Scum was represented. Not sure about this paint job. I'm thinking maybe Krylon? :) Over electric green?

The ubiquitous Herbie and a non-herbie'd white early '60s cousin.

A unique custom at the show. I didn't get a chance to talk with the owner, but I'm guessing that this was an entirely homebuilt WoodyBug.

You gotta love the retention of the taillights and rare "Pope's Nose" license plate light.

Very nicely done. Could easily be mistaken for a rare original VW option. Pity it wasn't for sale....