Things, Busses, and other VWs!

63primer01.jpg A 1963 Splittie Single Cab in primer. Yes, there is a tent on the bed. Why not?

67camper01.jpg This 1967 was absolutely amazing for several reasons. One, it's all original. The paint, the complete awning set, and the interior.

67camper02.jpg The display also included a working tapped mini-keg. The owner was very gracious and we spoke at length about this great old camper bus.

67camper03.jpg It's hard to believe that the awning and all that wood is 34 years old, but there it is. And dig the factory ladder on the port side...

badbus01.jpg This is a bad bus. BAD bus. Why so? One, it's trying to eat that man's head. Two, it has a *radiator* beneath the front bumper. Why could that be?

badbus02.jpg AH! That would explain it. Believe it or not, this is the same Bad Bus shown at last year's Bug Swarm 6.

baywindow01.jpg Ah, memories. This camper was a dead ringer for my first VW, a 1968 camper. And it was for sale. I had to fight to be strong.....

blue&white01.jpg One doesn't often see bay-window double cabs customised.This one was done nicely and was for sale.

blueghia01.jpg An exceptionally clean restoration. The suspension looks a bit broken to me, but the body was absolutely perfect.

blueghia02.jpg And you could eat off of the engine.

brightgreenghia01.jpg Now here's a color you don't see every day on a Ghia. But when you have to share the road with the goofballs in their SUVs, this may be a very good idea.

brownorange01.jpg This Split Window Single Cab has been in Hot VWs. I think it's also been in the same shop as my Thing.

bugtrike01.jpg There were even a few trikes in attendance.

bugtrike02.jpg This one sporting the back portion of an old Oval. Do love the paint detail.

bus50s.jpg This bus could have just rolled off of the showroom floor. Immaculate!

ghiatrike01.jpg Another trike, this time using the back of a Ghia. So if anyone's missing the front of a Ghia, you might want to talk to the owner of this machine....

ghiatrike02.jpg Very fancy upholstery, and it looks like there's also a nice sound system.

ghiatrike03.jpg I would have to think that sharp corners can't be that easy....

greenghia01.jpg I do believe this lovely Ghia belongs to a member of the North Texas Volkswagen Club! This Ghia was also at the SantaCops show in Carrollton.

kents01.jpg Of course Kent Bodily's amazingly waxed 1974 Thing was there, looking very shiny.

manx01.jpg Same Manx from last year. I'm a little confused about the year though. I thought Bruce Meyers stopped making the Manx decades ago....

notchback01.jpg A great Notchback. I have that same luggage that's up there on that great roof rack.

silverghia01.jpg Now here was some smooooooooth paintwork....

texasscum02.jpg The Texas Scum bus make it out, too.

whitething01.jpg A 1974 Thing I haven't seen before. Freshly painted, it was very clean.

whitething02.jpg Even the interior was beautifully finished.

yellow&white01.jpg I'm sure this bus will be shown in a magazine soon, if it hasn't already. Gorgeous!

yellowbikinithing01.jpg Yep, it's at every VW show in town, the Bikini Thing.

yellowblackthing01.jpg This 1974 makes it to most shows too.

crowd&vendors01.jpg There was a really big crowd! This was taken just before the heavens opened....

ntvwc02.jpg And of course the North Texas Volkswagen Club was present with the booth and our lovely volunteers.

royrogers01.jpg Roy Rogers Foreign Car Parts was there with plenty to sell. They're closing up here as the wind was getting fierce and the rain was just beginning.

RustyWallis01.jpg The event sponsor, Rusty Wallis, brought out some of those new-fangled Volkswagens. Ones that you put *WATER* in. Is that weird or what? I've never dealt with these guys, but I have tried to do business with Metro Volkswagen in Irving. If you're looking for a new VW, I suggest trying Rusty Wallis.

santaconvention01.jpg Some folks may not have noticed, but there was also a Santa Convention going on at the same time.

steveslockshop.jpg Steve's Lock Shoppie was there, selling specialty security keys and other nifty key-related items.

storm01.jpg And then the VW gods decided that we should demonstrate the floatability of Volkswagens and gifted us with millions of gallons of rainwater.