A Mechanical Marvel

Etop01: The world's most reliable engine, the standard 1600. The only modifications are the 009 distributor, the air filter, and an electric fuel pump. The oil-bath air cleaner (visible in the lower right corner), is not stock for this year. I've since purchased TWO original swirl-style off-road air cleaner setups.

Etop02: This baby spent some time off road. Look at all the detrius accumlated near the bottom. Cleaned that all out first thing.

Etop03: Side view.

Etop04: In this highly detailed photo, I've pointed out a few things. Number 1: I had no idea what this was for. I since found out that this was originally for an EGR valve. Number 2: This is the fuel pump. Note that it's connected to itself. I have since removed it and put a blockoff plate in its place. I installed a CompuFire ignition module (10 minute install) so setting points is now a thing of the past.

Etop05: And here's the ol' case number, AM018099. I found out from the nice folks at V-Dub Folks in Irving that this is an original Thing case.

Etbot01: Slight oil seepage.

Ebot02: Her port-side outer CV boot. As you can see, it was torn pretty badly. All four were like this. All CV boots have been replaced now, all nice and new.

Ebot03: Her starboard CV joints were in the same shape, ripped right near the base. But they've been replaced now, and will last much longer now that she's been lowered to the correct ride height.

Ebot04: The long underpan look.

Ebot05: As you can see, the inner boots were ripped also, but are new now.