A Little Rust, but a Proven Design

Here she is, sitting in the field where I found her. A bit of rust, and just a small hint of the amount of grass and mud I had to pull and blow out of the front end assembly and the space between the pan and trunk floor. This also provides a pretty good look at the heavy welding that was done to give her the unique tube bumper and winch.

And the starboard front suspension, as she was in the field. I'm a bit concerned at the amount of downward bend in the antisway bar.

And her port side suspension. Those bushings just don't look happy at that much angle.

A better look at the fancy weldin' work for that big ol' winchified bumper. Two welds to the center of the front end, and triangulated trusses out to the ends.

Now here's a shot you don't see very often. This is the back of the beam over on the right side of the picture. Down left is a little something I spent some time trying to find....

And here we have the port side suspension as it currently sits in my garage. Those bushings just are NOT happy.

The starboard suspension, including the trick Gas-A-Just shocks. At least they're not MacPhersons...blechh... But see all the gunge on upper arm? Anybody have any tricks for removing that gunk without harming the rubber and grease that should remain?

Here's a close look at that bottom bushing. Notice the tear over on the left side, and the anti-sway bar poking it on the right turn. Let this serve as a lesson to those looking at raising their Things way up.

Here we have the over-stressed tie-rods. I do find it odd that they don't seem to be the same. That is, the port side has a grease fitting, the starboard one doesn't appear to. Any comments?

And here's something I found my Thing has in common with some other Things. The bottom-most portion of the trunk apparently rotted out, and the PO (Previous Owner) used self-tapping sheetmetal screws and some sheetmetal to patch the entire bottom. Stuff is labeled to help orient you. The wasp nest didn't cost me anything extra, but I'll let it go cheap if anyone needs one.

POs sometimes do scary things. I'm pretty certain that Volkswagen didn't attach the brakefluid resevoir lines with zip-ties. If you have a Thing, please see how yours are attached. I'm curious now....

And here is the object of one of my early searches. The source of the odd ticking whenever the power was on. The reason that the fuel pump on the engine is connected to itself. I finally found it screwed down to the very front of the pan on the starboard side.

Along with it, I found (still) a bunch of grass and dirt. It's my guess that the PO did quite a bit of off-roading, possibly to a deer-lease. Lots of off-road detrius in all the nooks and crannies of the undercarriage.

For the curious, it's a Facet brand Electric Fuel Pump. The sticks are extra.