Inside, a Nice Place To Be

Here she was, as I found her in the field. On the windscreen is a yellow faded piece of paper with "For sell" scribbled on it, unreadable.

Here she is as she sat in my garage. Notice new different seats badly installed by the previous owner. Those seats and the seat tracks have been removed, and original low back bucket seats have been installed. And yes, there is a skeleton on the hood. It gives folks an easier reason to talk to me as I'm working rather than "What's that Thing?", "A Thing", "Ha ha, no really...."

Looking in from the starboard side.

Only 75437 miles on this baby. And a working wiper motor too! Hey....the speedo goes up to 100mph....I wonder.....

When I got her, she had these snazzy seat covers. Great eh? True, it's not ripped vinyl....

And the lovely back seat's backs. with their original covering. The whole tilt/swivel mechanism is present and working.

Now that horrible sausage was, I think, intended by the PO to be used as the backseat's bottom portion. It now resides in a landfill somewhere. Paul Kagel said that that was originally was the bottom of the backseat. We both agree that it is worthless, however.

The pedal area. Not too much rust. I've seen worse. Now the area that's being pointed to over on the starboard side. Is that a dent, or is there a reason for that depressed area? Anyone know? Answer: Both Bob Witte and John explained that the depression on the starboard side is for the Type 182 model (Trekker), that is, the right hand drive model. That depression allows a little more space for the accelerator.


Another nifty action shot. Under the port seat. I think I need a shopvac.

And here's the lovely patchpanel from the inside, over on the starboard side behind the front seat.

The shiftknob. I have heard that the wood Wolfsburg shiftknob was a factory accessory. Anyone know more about it? Is it particularly rare?

This is the knob that controls the working winch up front. Twist it one way to let out, the other to reel in. Pretty nifty, eh? And below that is the hi-powered speaker setup for the FM/AM working radio.