Other Bits and Pieces

The pan is in pretty good shape!

Here's the famous SUPERWINCH! I found that this company still exists, and called them. I asked if they might possibly have the owners manual still available for this old one. They said no, but explained that it's really identical to one they still sell (the design was so good, there was no reason to change it). So they sent me the manual to the new one, at no charge. Is that customer service or what? I didn't even buy the original one from them (back in 1974). The winch still works and is as strong as, well, a SUPERWINCH! If I ever need another one, guess what company is getting my business? And I just found out that they have a website!

These tires were one of the main reasons I was attracted to this beastie. I think they look just perfect on a thing.

And what's that brand? JETZON! I was looking forward to replacing all four tires with brand new Jetzons, but you know, years later those tires are still working just fine!