Lovely Overall Pictures

Here she is, with an incredible 16 inches of ground clearance, more than a Hummer. :)

Her port side. Note that this is just prior to purchase. When I bought her, she had this big ol' towbar bolted to the front bumper. It now resides in my garage.

Her starboard side. Note the modified side scoops, and enough ground clearance to provide shelter in a storm.

This picture I provide for contrast. I was driving that badass Suzuki Sidekick 4X4 when I bought her. And I was just struck by the similarities, which are much more evident in the next photograph.

This is one of my favorite pictures. To the unitiated, this could look like the 1940's model sitting next to the 1990's model of the same vehicle. Until I bought my Thing, I thought I had decent ground clearance in my Suzuki, which I regularly took off-roading. Compare the two different ground clearances. Wow.....