4th Annual Texas Mini-car Roundup

April 7th, 2002 at Northwood University in Cedar Hill, Texas

This was a really fun event with a pretty decent turnout of about 13 cars, despite constant rain and forecasts of ark-launching storms. The event was sponsored by Kip Motor Company and organized by Ray Morey (Thanks, Ray!) Due to the unceasing rain, the 20 mile tour was voted canceled, but there about 5 hours of camaraderie, good times, and meeting new friends. At the end of the event prizes were handed out. What follows are all the pictures I could take before I ran out of space. I'm sorry to say I missed the orange MG Midget and the orange/yellow Berkeley. Each image below is clickable for a 1024x768 version of the image showing much more than in the thumbnails below. The images are presented in alphabetical order.

My 1969 Morris Mini Cooper, Nigel, at his very first car show while in my possession. Note the PowerGnome™ in the back window. While driving he's busy under the hood, so while parked he lounges in the rear window where he also acts as SecurityGnome™. Nigel also has his own page.
We were thrilled when Nigel won First Place in the Red Car class! WooHOO!
On his windshield is the First Place prize, a packet of red Easter Peeps.
This very photogenic Mini belongs to Angel Ruiz of the Mini Owners of Texas, MOT, of which I am also a member. Despite electrical gremlins attempting to sideline Angel, he and his lovely wife arrived at the end of the event during the prize giveaway, earning him "Latest Entrant" award. :)
A fascinating entry, a Berkeley. It's an extremely sleek 3 wheeler with very handsome external stainless-looking hinges.
A really outstanding car, it won First Place in the Green Car category, and it truly deserved it.
The interior, looking supremely British and flawless.
There wasn't a bad angle to this car. An important note, this event was held on a parking lot that was steeply sloped, so many cars appeared to lean, and your humble photographer has a built-in lean.
Here it is, on the roll, blasting its way towards the exit.
On its way out the Berkeley passed the other three wheel entry, a Messershmitt KR200. There was another Berkeley present, orange-ish, on a trailer. I believe it was in the midst of restoration. Sorry I didn't get a photograph of it.
Another unusual entry, a Ford Anglia, entered by Bob from Kip Motor Cars. It won First Place in Light Blue Car class!
An exceptionally classic front end on this beautifully restored car.

And here he is tearing his way wildly towards the exit at the end of the day.

Of special note in this photograph is the gentleman on the far left, the famous Ray Morey! He's the man who organized this event, kept the festivities rolling despite the horrendous weather, and hurled prizes with wild abandon at the winners. He also had several cars entered. Once again, THANKS Ray!

The line of cars at about 11am. The kind Metropolitan owner said he was happy that I parked Nigel next to his Nash Metropolitan as it made his car look much bigger. :)
Looking down the line from the other end of the lot, before the orange-ish Berkeley, Kip's Hillman, Angel's Mini, and the orange MG Midget arrived.

One of my absolute favorites that Ray owns. It's a Honda Z600. Powered by a 600cc twin-cylinder air-cooled motor. The styling of this car is outstanding, and the restoration with a color-matched orange and white interior is beautiful.

It's a very narrow car, much more apparent from the rear view.
Can't say that Ray isn't giving people adequate warning as he comes flying up behind them in his orange road rocket!
The rather complex interior (compared to many cars present) of the Honda Z600. Note the shifter which curves up away from the floor towards the firewall.
Another of Ray's cars, a well-restored 1957 Isetta 300. This was one of the big hits of the show.
The detailing of this car was extraordinary, including the chrome rack just inside the rear window.
The rear styling of this car is so very appealing.
This was the most unusual entry, and I have received information directly from the kind owners of the beast, Traci (and Roy) Murphy of Arlington, TX. It was built to go across frozen lakes in Michigan. They plan to restore it cosmetically as-is (new paint, new carpet in the interior, etc.). It has a boat trailer frame. Mounted at the back is a six-cylinder Lycoming aircraft engine from the 1930s. The control cabin is a 1957 Isetta 300 body. The front has a movable ski, hooked to the steering gear of the Isetta. Note that it has removable skis that can be fitted to the rear wheels. We kept hoping the owner would fire it up and do a bit of off-roading as that engine looked awfully darned powerful.
Fitted to the door of the Isetta is an aircraft Pitot tube, usually used to measure airspeed. This one wears the regulation Pitot tube cover. I have no idea if it's functional, or if it would function at the speeds that this beast can reach.
A full side view of this vehicle.
A more detailed shot of the custom-made, sprung, and steerable front ski.
The Hillman Husky brought by Kip of Kip Motor Company, the sponsor of the show. It was full up with Kip's wife and children, just as it's builders intended.
One of our favorite entries, a Messerschmitt KR200. This one came from far away, Houston, I think. It was brought up here on a trailer, but drove from the trailer in the other parking lot to the show and drove back at the end. It was a real pleasure to hear the big 200cc engine fire up and run.
A view from the other side. This car, not surprisingly, won First Place in the Sky Blue car category.
For comparison's sake, my gal Dana stands alongside. Due to the extreme slant of the parking lot, several owners chose to chock the wheels of the vehicles with rocks. A good plan for cars as rare and precious as these.
A close-up of the front end of this car.
Lovely red interior with white piping. Could have just come off the dealer's showroom. I so wanted to take this one home with me.
Note the appropriate blue smoke produced by the single cylinder Sachs two-stroke engine as he drove back to the trailer at the end of the day. It was a great thrill to see this one running and driving around the parking lot. The world would be a much more amusing place if everyone drove these.
Here's something one rarely sees, a working driving Messerschmitt KR200 and a truck full of yummy barbecued pigparts. We were sorry more people didn't turn out, as that barbecue smelled heavenly and we wished they had more people to buy their food.
This gentleman was in danger of having a wild Greek woman run off with his car. My gal is terribly crazy for Metropolitans and this one was in beautiful shape. This car won First Place in the Yellow Car category.
A front view, with Nigel alongside making this Metropolitan look HUGE!
They made some great looking cars in 1950.
We followed this Mini Traveler into the show. I tried to track down its owner once we arrived but I didn't get to meet him, Bill Boyles of Dallas. This car won First Place in the Dark Blue car category!
Loverly woodwork on this Mini Traveler.
A car one hardly ever sees, an NSU SportPrinz. Very sporty little job, I believe it's undergoing restoration at this time.
Terrific styling on the rear end, I'm pretty sure this car won First Place in the Whitish Car category!
And this is what makes it go.
Ray Morey's Subaru 360. Before I met Ray I saw him in this car driving around Dallas. I was blown away by its pristine shape and well-running condition.
How most folks see this car as it goes blatting down the road with it's two-cycle engine. I love the bumper sticker in the rear window, "If it ain't smokin', it ain't runnin."
Was there ever a happier looking car?
Another one of our favorite cars, a Vespa 400. This one won First Place in the Blue Vespa category!
Dana alongside for comparison's sake. This vehicle also had a safety-rock to keep it in place on the slippery slanted parking lot.
The owner of this car was a very nice man who endured our long stream of questions about his well-restored suicide door ride.
Like a Mini, it doesn't need an overly complicated dashboard.
Back here crouches a mighty two-cylinder two-stroke motor.
The line of cars at 11am, with the winning Vespa in the foreground.
And here it is on its way out, flying around the parking lot in a rabid two-stroke fury. It's a real thrill to see and hear these two-stroke powered beasts being driven about as they were intended to.

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