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Jake's Big Mini

All about Nigel, Jake's 1969 Morris Mini Cooper.

Jake acquired Nigel on February 9th of 2002 from Glen Harrod, (He's the taller one) who brought Nigel over from England where Nigel has spent the first 32 years of his life in West Hoathly, Sussex. Glen was born in the UK but brought to the United States as an infant. He has relatives in England from whom he occasionally gets Minis. Glen initially listed Nigel on eBay, but the bidding did not reach a reasonable level for a Mini Cooper in such fine shape. Eventually a potential purchaser stepped forwards from far away, but this did not seem to be the deal that was to be made.

As I was searching for a Mini, I ran across the Mini Owners of Texas website and message board where I learned of Nigel's potential availability. Glen and I exchanged a few emails, with Glen being very forthcoming about every detail, positive and otherwise about Nigel. With some helpful advice from the good folks at Kip Motor Company, I arranged to meet and inspect Nigel. After much scrutiny and a long test drive we signed the papers and I drove Nigel to his new home in Irving, Texas, a suburb of Dallas.

I'm using Nigel now as I always intend to, as my regular daily driver, commuting 34 miles to and from my work in downtown Dallas. Nigel handles the commute just fine, starting right up after below-freezing nights and zipping along the freeways as I always have, at speeds just above pack speed, about 70mph.

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