These shots are mostly from the company I helped form, Lyps Inc. back in 1983 at The Highland Park Village Theater. We did not perform in front of the movie, but instead performed an actual live show, on our own, hence the title, "The Rocky Horror Show". The Highland Park Village Theater was built in 1933, and was the very first theater in the south to begin midnight showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and held the World's Record for Most Consecutive Showings until developer Henry S. Miller sold it out to AMC. AMC & Henry S. Miller, in complete disregard for the incredible historic value and beauty of the theater, gutted the building, destroying the beautiful hand-painted murals that had adorned the theater since it's birth in 1933. The theater that took it's place was an obscene multi-plex with multiple tiny auditoriums with poor soundproofing.

I began performing at the Village in 1983 with my best friend Kelly Dommer while still in high school, following in the footsteps of some fantastic shows at the Village by Steve Dodson, Steve Dorman, The Divine Ms. S., Diane, and others whom I can not remember. Our show was not performed in front of the movie, mimicking the screen action, as I felt that that version could stand on it's own without help from us. We performed before the movie was shown, so the audience got two shows for the price of one. Our show was a little different from the movie, as I encouraged each actor/actress to read the original play by O'Brien and create the character as they believed he/she should be played.

After the Highland Park Village Theater was destroyed by the evil Henry Miller we took the show on the road, appearing at various showcases, bars, and a few small television appearances. We then moved to The Granada, another fine old theater. It was closed in a year to reopen as The Granada Cinema & Drafthouse, with movies, beer, and food. The new owner contacted us and we performed there for about 6 months and usually get together every 3 or 4 years for a huge Rocky Reunion Show (Each of which has sold out). Since then I've assisted several casts in getting off the ground and putting on serious professional shows. Here are a few photographs from The Rocky Horror Show "Good Ol' Days". Have any photographs from the Village? Send them in and they'll be posted!
Most of these pictures may be clicked on to view a much larger version.
This is the Grand Old Dame herself, the former Highland Park Village Theater. It no longer exists, I'm sad to say. Built in 1933, hand painted murals covering the interior, it was one of the South's most grand theaters ever. May Henry S. Miller rot in hell. But she gave so many of us the greatest ride of our lives. Rest in peace, ol' girl.
And on a very, very side note, the sleek speedmobile parked in front of the Village is my very first car, the RoachMobile, a 1978 Camaro with a small-block 350 and a B&M blower. *sigh* To be 16 and stupid again...
Thanks to Steve Riggs for this vintage photograph.
This was an average Saturday night. This was what we'd see as we drove up to the theater, this insane line stretching way back around the building, starting to form around 9:30 or so. Walking through this line to get inside was SUCH a rush that really pumped you up for the performance. YEAH! And it was in a line very much like this one that I was fortunate to stumble across the immensely talented Valerie Baker who became one of the best Magentas I ever worked with.
The Village crowd, instructed at the end of our show that "When the time comes in the movie, and I do mean when the time *comes*! We need everybody to, get up outta those seats, get into those aisles, and -we-will-do-the-Time-Warp-AGAIN!". And they did. I'm pleased to note that on trips to theaters around Texas 15 years later, I still hear parts of my original monologue being used. :)
A closer shot of the crowd doing the Time Warp. Particularly keen-eyed observers may note in the full size photo (click the small one to the left), one Lowen Shivers AKA The Moon Roach with a red arrow indicating him, and the amazingly lovely Sonya (picked out by the green arrow). During the movie many of the cast members sat in the audience with all the other screaming maniacs and had a great time.
A lovely group shot. Now the fun part, trying to name everyone, some of whom I haven't heard from in 15 years. (Hint hint). From left, back row: Richard Patterson, Pink, Laura, ???, Me (Zaphod at that time, later Z., occasionally Jake), Valerie Baker, Morgana, Robert Knott, Jessica, Brandi. From left, second row: Lauri Hill, Suzie, Sabrina, Trent, Suess Brady, Michelle, Cassie. And on the floor is Joye Reay.
Once again, trying to name folks I haven't seen in years, this is a shot from a reunion show about 9 years ago. Back row: JoBob, Pink, Steve Riggs, Steve Dorman (RIP), Michael Battle (Betty), leaning down is Scotty!, and Kevin Muldoon. Second row: Greg, Teresa Esser, Andrea S., Joye, Rusty, Penny, Seana, David, Laura, Scotty's sister Laura, and Pammie-poo. Third row, starting in center: Me, Morgana, Sommer Pyron, Don. Bottom row: Unknown, Keith Quesada.
Exhorting the audience to remove their clothes along with their inhibitions. Worked every now and then...

Warming up the already steaming crowd at The Highland Park Village Theater. This show featured Tammy (Don's Sister) as Magenta, and the lovely silhouette on the backdrop (real movie screen material) is none other than the lovely and perky Sonya, who won the "Most Likely To Cause a Myocardial Infarction When Her Top Slips" award.
The world famous Village Tranzies, led by Bobbye Eachus, behind her we have Mary (RIP), unknown, Penny, Don, unknown and possibly David.
This is Bobbye Eachus. For quite a long time she directed the Village Cast, through great times and tough times, through the loss of a very dear cast member, Mary. Without Bobbye's strong leadership and sense of theater, I don't think we would have been as fortunate to reach the prominence we did. THANKS BOBBYE!
Speaking of Mary, here she is on the left. Next to her is Suzie. On the right is Brad. This is just after one of our shows, when we relaxed in the lobby. The fact that Mary is smoking a cigarette inside of the theater gives you some idea of just how long ago this was.
More Village Tranzies! Here we have Sonya, Mike Harrison, and I. Dunno.
Plenty o' Tranzies. This here is Carl on the left and Dean Salle' (RIP). Dean was a fantastic Tranzy, and oddly enough, one of the best Columbias to ever grace the Village Stage.
Bobbye Eachus, Sonya, and Kevin Muldoon during one of our shows out on the road, this one at Buddy's in Dallas.
Another shot from the show at Buddy's. Here we have me, JoBob, and Bobbye this time as Columbia.
From the last reunion show we did, here we have David, Shawnie, Seana, Morgana and Laura as the Tranzies along the back, eagerly awaiting Frank N. Furter's arrival. JoBob as Magenta, Joye as Columbia, and me as WoofWoof.
Also from one of the reunion shows, we have Lisa as Magenta, Jennifer Greer as Janet, Van as Brad (one of the world's premier Brad Majors), and me. Look, when this guy offers you a donut, you TAKE IT!
Did we occasionally push the limits? You betcha! Ok, the truth is I had no idea this was going to happen. Each show we'd do something different with the coffin. Sometimes a skeleton, sometimes ladies in lingerie, sometimes big scary guys in drag. I thought it'd be fun to put this young lady, Daze, in the coffin. She played Riff way back in 1983. She was about 6 feet tall, had a big silver mohawk and was dressed in leather and chains. What I was *not* expecting was bare boobage. But hey, we always promised one HELL of a show, plenty of entertainment and surprises. It's just that this time it was ME that was surprised....
Here we have the amazing Don Edwards, one of the longest running Frank N. Furters we ever had, and my best friend, in his civilian clothes.
And here is Don in all his glory. Don really did his own Frank N. Furter, a mix of Tim Curry, Prince, Morris Day, and a whole big dose of DON. An absolute thrill to behold and a great sense of humor. Especially after this one show when someone pointed out the almost worn-through spot in the front of the black panties, allowing the ladies of the audience to get to know him MUCH better than intended.
And here we have Don's lovely sister, Tammy, as Columbia. She had such a great attitude as Columbia. One of the greats! Behind her we have me as Riff and Jackie Spring as Magenta. She wasn't with us very long.
The "jukebox" was a horrible old turntable/AM/FM Radio from the '70's that somebody was kind enough to donate. If the donor would speak up, I'd be happy to give credit. I gutted the thing, removing the top portion with the turntable and radio and relocating the FM receiver to the inside of the cabinet, hooked up to the lights. A rheostat on the back for Columbia to turn up at the appropriate time and it flashed right along with the music. Rebuild the top with a sturdy shelf for Columbia to park her buttocks and pad it nice. Ta-da!
A better close-up shot of Tammy. And a look into anal-retentiveness. When I made that vest I'm wearing in the picture, I studied photographs of O'Brien's vest and tried to match his bloodstains exactly.
Another one from the last reunion show. Across the back as Tranzies we have Seana, Morgana, Pink, Laura, Jessica, and the nicest mortitian you could hope to meet, Tinker. On the chair we have JoBob as Magenta, Joye as Columbia, and me as Riff. Such a delight to perform with those two ladies. We were known as the "Unholy Trinity". Ummm, not really, but it woulda been nice.
Ahhhh, nothing like a little elbow-sex with JoBob to liven up the show!
Here I am with Van as Brad and Suess as Janet. Again, TAKE THE DAMNED DONUT!
Here's RiffRaff (Me), Columbia (Joye), and Magenta (Valerie Baker). We three probably performed together the longest as a team. There was some really good chemistry working here. Joye was disgustingly perky and bright as Columbia, and Val was truly one of the best Magentas to ever wear go-go boots! For the full-size picture, click on the photo at left.
This is me with one of the two finest Magentas on any planet or dimension, JoBob. We also performed together as a team for a very long time. She has this world-class "Fuck off and die..." look and sneer. Could melt your willy in nothing flat...
Ok, it's time for real fright. Some young friends of mine were doing a special Rocky show, with ABC News out to do some filming for a Rocky special. So for the first time in probably 10 years, I put on the makeup again. Here's the scary results....

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