Santa Cops Car and Motorcycle Show 2000

1929 Ford - Boy would I love to drive this one to work...

1929 Ford

1950 Vette 1 - This was a perfect looking restoration. I believe it won a big prize too.

1950 Vette 2

Black Goat 1 - Darth Vader, your car is ready. Probably my favorite non-VW car there.

Black Goat 2 - Really brought back memories of my childhood in the early '70s.

Challenger 1 - Nothing really compares to a big ol' honkin triple-butterfly intake snorking out of the hood.

Challenger 2

Cobra Kit Car - Had an interesting wheel/tire combination for this kit. Totally wrong, but very interesting.

Cop Car 1 - Something tells me that this car probably doesn't see too much shift-work.

Cop Car 2 - I mean, you'd totally spill your coffee,

Cop Car 3 - and drop your doughnuts.... :) Proof that Carrollton Cops are people too. Nice car.

Impala 1

Impala 2

Impala 3

Impala 4

Kent 1 - The quasi-famous Kent Bodily freaking out over the ground clearance of my Thing.

Kent 2 - 16 inches of ground clearance, the best at the show. More ground clearance than a Hummer.

Kent 3 - And Kent still can't figure out how I do it. :)

Kent's Thing 1 - This is Kent's Thing. A beautiful restoration job, also highly admired by Police everywhere.

Kent's Thing 2 - Kent does a great display of vintage magazine articles about the rare Volkswagen Thing.

Inside Lulubelle - Lulubelle is my Thing. The name comes from a great Bogart movie, Sahara. Lulubelle was an old tank that took Bogie and his crew across North Africa, never letting them down. And my Thing has never let me down. Inside her is displayed a 1/6th scale model of the Kubelwagen, the unstoppable German beastie from WWII, from which The Thing is decended. There's also a big flat cow in her too.

North Texas VW Club 1 - The North Texas Volkswagen Club represents at the Santacops Car Show!

North Texas VW Club 2 - L to R, Jake's Lulubelle, David Allen's "Rusty of Thunder Road", the most beautiful Karmann Ghia, and a gorgeous Beetle owned by the organizer of the event who is a Carrollton cop whose name eludes me at the moment.

North Texas VW Club 3 - Check out the paint on that Ghia!

North Texas VW Club 4 - In front of the Ghia is Kent Bodily's 1974 Thing

North Texas VW Club 5 - A fine group of VWs at this charity car show.

North Texas VW Club 6 - David Allen's Thing rides at the stock 10-inch height, next to my 16 inches.

North Texas VW Club 7 - One for comparison, which also shows Lulubelle's kickass vintage working SuperWinch.

North Texas VW Club 8 - Another shot for comparison.

Shelby GT500 1 - Can you say "Rare"?

Shelby GT500 2 - I thought you could.

Shelby GT500 3 - This one is restored to stock form, unlike the one in "Gone in 60 Seconds".

The Judge - If there ever was a living cartoon of a Muscle Car, this is it. More power than you could possibly need. I want this car.

Truck 1 - Giant jacked-up Chevy. Poor thing lost out to my li'l old '74 V-dub in the ground clearance game. :):):)

Truck 2 - Not to mention that he showed up about 3 hours after everyone else then left in a snit because they wouldn't admit his truck into the judging. Here he is, leaving grumpily. Notice his differential hanging down. It's 8 inches from the bottom of that to the ground. Pity....