Scarborough Faire is a renaissance festival located in Waxahachie, Texas, about 30 miles south of Dallas.

The Sea Hawks were the first pirate crew to make Scarborough Faire its home away from home. They were formed in 1989 by Novie Bowden, Wes Bonser, and me, Jake. We did intense research into the lives and doings of sailors and pirates of the time to ensure accurate portrayals. We did take some liberties with costuming, for easier recognition. They sailed the fields of Scarborough Faire for many years, fighting The Jolly Tars, The LanceKnects, and just generally anyone wearing lace. (Damned Fancyboys...) Many great sea battles were re-enacted in the Crown Meadow, complete with BenchShips, LadyJellyFish, and the evil LandSharks.

As True Pirates must, they sailed away from the village one day, and visit the pleasant lands of Scarborough Faire whenever they're near its welcoming port, usually on Memorial Day.
Many of The Sea Hawks bear a striking resemblance to the members of The Buffalo Creek Gun Company, gunfighting at various events and appearing in the Walker, Texas Ranger episode "Legend".

Below you will find photographs of The Seahawks at Scarborough Faire. All of these photographs were taken by Photographer Robin Craig, and are copyrighted by her. She is a professional photographer working around the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. She may be reached at (817)540-5126 during normal business hours. Click on any photo for a larger version.

The Seahawks at Scarborough Faire. What a motley lot of vicious bastards.

The Seahawks on the ShipStage at Scarborough, including "Stumpy" Bob up front, Anne Bonney with Skull, Annabelle Kadaver below her, Goldie on the edge, and Lump on cannon.

The Seahawks & Friends cut loose during the wild afternoon Pirate Sing, a rollicking roister of sea shanties and vulgar humor. Featured singer up front on your right is Captain Latimer Fairfield. Down left is well known rogue and raconteur Mihalik, played by Ed Westfield, who we lost to cancer January 25th of 2001.

Just the nicest bunch of folks you might invite over to dinner with your parents. Umm...just count the silverware. And your fingers. :) Far left in black is Mary Reed (Molly) and lower right is the lovely and sexy Gitana.

Even the best of friends and co-workers have the occasional minor disagreement. Here Captain Latimer Fairfield (Novie Bowden ) and Quartermaster Jake Flasheart (me) have a wee tiff.

Manly men in manly tights, trying to kill each other.

Here Hamlet and I play "make a wish" with crewmember BarrelBait (Gavin).

Prior to each show, I would help in drawing a crowd to the stage by juggling, spinning, throwing, and generally causing myself and the stage irreparable harm with this 16 inch Afghanistani knife called a Khyber.

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