All of these photographs were taken by Photographer Robin Craig, and are copyrighted by her. She is a professional photographer working around the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.

The O'Shanties.

Sea Shanties and Irish Music.
Swashbuckling and Cannons.
Danger and Romance.

From left to right, there's Jeff, Dana, Lindsey, Jake, and Novie.

Yep, they can sing, and they can look so darned sincere doing it, too.

Here's the romance part. Yep, Novie sure loves that ale...

Look! Action and adventure!

Male bonding at it's finest!

Here's the danger part. Directly under me is our cannon. It's been lit. That's what the little fire jetting up is about. Novie is yelling a warning to the crowd. Jeff and Lindsey are taking cover. I'm about to leap off the rail clear to the other side of the ship. The trees are about to lose all of their leaves. Seriously. That's a real cannon. We use real charges. Yep, we sure could get hurt, killed, or neutered. Just like a KISS concert, ain't it?

Do you remember that PBS Special "The Three Tenors"? Same thing. Umm, well, except that I'm a baritone. And we don't sing opera. And we're not on TV yet. But gosh, we sure dress nice.

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